Parent & Me

The Methodist Preschool Parent & Me Program offers a range of classes based on age and developmental level. We offer a Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Session. Please reach out to for class information and registration.


If our body is our temple, shouldn’t we find ways to encourage children to connect with their deepest selves? In Mini Yogis, Ms. Jessica of Rise and Shine On Yoga, aims to do just that! Certified through Light on Lotus, YogaBuddies and YogaWorks, Ms. Jessica brings self-expression, awareness, connection, confidence, and mindfulness through in a playful, laughter-filled setting. “Yoga in schools is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children, providing them with tools they will use for the rest of their lives. No matter how old, students will gain internal and external strength, flexibility and balance.” Bring your bodies and get ready to move in this class that combines gross motor, cognitive, and social-emotional skills!


We present a fun and active way to introduce infants and toddlers to music and movement! In addition to providing a memorable foundation in music and developing musical skills, infants and toddlers will grow socially as they interact with other children and their families through song, dance, performance, and while playing musical games and instruments.

Gross Motor World (18 months – 2.6 years)

Watch with delight as your children strengthen large muscles, practice balance, and find stability within age-appropriate, yet increasingly tricky setups. Amaze as your child builds confidence in their abilities. Children will have the opportunity to connect with each other while they engage in activities and socialized play with peers. Through fun obstacle courses, games, movement and music and more, your children will be sure to challenge their bodies while having a blast! This open-ended, explore at your own pace class allows children to become the masters of their terrain!

Rhythm and dance with Ms. Jaimee (20 MONTHS – 2.6 years)

Teacher Jaimee (formerly of MPS and Village Arts) will be leading this active and engaging toddler dance class! This class is rooted in play through movement while exploring age appropriate social emotional skills. During the 45 minutes the children will dance, sing, and work together as they step in and out of creative movement. Children and caregivers are encouraged to engage authentically, in their own timing and in their own way. In addition, this class focuses on building both self-esteem and body awareness. Come move with us!

MESSY Art (12 months – 2.6 years)

This class is a true MPS favorite! We invite you to be a part of a facilitated messy art and sensory exploration class that encourages you and your little one to tap into your creative side through hands-on, open-ended, and process-oriented experiences. This class will provide and opportunity for your children to explore a variety of materials for the very first time. Come enjoy yourself, and leave the clean up to us!